Human resource strategy

Through the effective implementation of talent introduction strategy, education and training strategy, management improvement strategy, salary and welfare strategy and employer brand strategy, we will create a career development environment based on "working in company, learning in company, developing in company and successfully in the company".

The concept of human resources

Adhere to the fair, open, competitive, and post matching principles of the people, to attract people with the development prospects of the industry and company, cultivate people with career development platform, inspire people with vision, goals, keep people with open and inclusive, cooperative business atmosphere, encourage talents innovation, on broader stage.

Human resource mechanism

Driving talent will be regarded as the most important asset and the long-term development of the enterprise, through the establishment of team selection mechanism of talents training and fair scientific performance evaluation mechanism, the training mechanism, be arranged reasonably abundant welfare allocation mechanism, enterprises and employees to build long-term win-win community of interests, to achieve common development of enterprises and employees.